Joy, Sincerity, and all things lovely

A wedding is so much more than just a day—it's the culmination of a journey. It’s the expression on a bride’s face when months of planning and anticipation unfold all around her; looking on as family and friends live out her dream. It's the sparkle in the groom's eye when he calls for his wife for the very first time. It's in the muffled tears, heartfelt hugs and joyous cheers as the new Mr. and Mrs. walk up the aisle. It’s the moment “I” becomes “we;” a promise turning into eternity - it’s truly the most beautiful thing.

To me, the part I play as a photographer is about so much more than just showing up on this magic day. It’s joining with a precious couple in the weeks and months beforehand and having the privilege to dream with them as they prepare to join their lives together. With every wedding, every couple, every new family - I’m reminded over and over of the gravity of this role: that these aren’t just photos, they’re history in the making, and a legacy for future generations. Years down the road, little fingers will hold these images, and little ears will hear the story of how it all began.

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Joy, sincerity, and all things lovely

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My name is Carla Miles, and I’m a wedding photographer based in Nashville, TN. I love working with brides who value timeless, beautiful imagery, a relaxed and collaborative approach to wedding planning, and hopefully making a new friend in the process! I believe in young love, marrying your best friend, and not only planning a wedding; more importantly, building strong marriages that last for life. As a hands-on creative and a details person—and drawing on nearly a decade of experience shooting, assisting and planning weddings—I’ve been able to craft resources, and collect all the advice and wisdom given me to help couples during the planning process. On a wedding day, my goal is to be much more than just a person in a corner with a camera. Instead, I want to be somebody to help and encourage at the start of one of life’s greatest journeys!

I'm naturally a quiet person, but I come to life in the energy of a wedding day. I hold it as an honor to spend so much time with newlyweds on day one! I’m also so very aware that this privileged position comes with a responsibility to let the happy couple live these moments together as I document them. Whether I’m walking an anxious bride to her groom for a private first look, making quiet and respectful movements during a sacred wedding ceremony, or staging a brand new family for its first family portrait, I find great purpose in allowing my energy to help set the tone for each moment. 

The quiet stories wedding images hold are what make them come alive for me. Lace veils and lush florals are beautiful, but nothing makes a bride more radiant than when she is in the arms of her husband. I believe that the wedding day is made of relaxed and candid moments, wrapped up in excitement and anticipation. It takes character as a photographer to navigate such emotions, and to see the imprint of each couple’s unique love story on the images I capture gives me so much joy!