Our Portraits | Adam Mullins Photography

I hope I never become immune to the fact that cameras are scary tools. I obviously love cameras for their technology and the vehicle they are for me to connect with amazing people. As our move to Nashville was approaching, I reached out to my besties at Adam Mullins Photography to get some last portraits in Lynchburg; specifically at our wedding venue, the amazing and beautiful Sierra Vista.

What a treat it was to spend time with Adam and Sarah! These two are quality friends that I have been absolutely blessed by time and time again. Last year Sarah had to take some time off after they welcomed a new baby to the family, so they asked me to step in and assist Adam with some weddings in her absence. From the client meetings I attended with them, to the shoots I joined them on and ultimately the weddings I shot, I can confidently say that these two are gems and some of the most genuine and amazing people you could ever know.

Anyway, I must digress or I may get more homesick for Lynchburg! Adam and Sarah did an amazing job of capturing these portraits at the beautiful Sierra Vista and I can't wait to send these off to print and hang in our new home.

Photography: Adam Mullins Photography
Instagram: @adamcmullins

Venue: Sierra Vista

If you're wondering about my look:
Dress: Loft
Gray suede oxfords: JCrew
Jewelry: Francessca's

And I can't leave out my husband who was on point with his look:
Literally all JCrew. We have a problem.