Out of the Office | We're going on vacation!

Out of the Office | We're going on vacation!

Today's is a short and sweet blog to let you know that I'll be out of the office for the next two weeks. This week my husband and I are setting sail on a cruise to the Bahamas, and the next week we're moving!

If you reach out to me over these next two weeks, know that I'll be without internet until the beginning of February. I'll be in touch as soon as we're back on land and settled into our new house.

Personal Introduction | Meet Carla

Carla Jane Miles Popular Nashville Wedding Photographer

I was named Carla Jane after my father, Carl James III, when I wasn't a boy. (Surprise!! Sorry to end the streak for you there, Carl's 1-3.) I branded my business as Carla Jane Photography in high school when I hoped I wouldn't keep my maiden name forever, but I'm more than fine with you just calling me "Carla." I grew up in a really small town that had more cows than people. In fact, we lived beside my grandparents farm where I wasn't allowed to name the cows--something about it being bad practice to name your meals?

I was gifted a film camera when I was young and saved up to buy my very own point and shoot digital camera in middle school! I ended up on the yearbook team of my high school and by college I was studying graphic design with a minor in photography. Cameras have always been part of my story!

I became a June bride to my college sweetheart in 2014! The two of us met our second day on campus and we never looked back! My husband is my biggest fan, and there's never been an idea of mine that he hasn't met with sheer encouragement. While we aren't a husband and wife team, Jordan is always pushing me in my business to take everything one step further--he is a natural at pursuing excellence and it's a trait that I'm glad to learn from him.

When I'm not behind the camera I'm designing print layout pieces for a marketing department or I'm sketching up a new series art graphic for my church. I'm grateful that in all aspects of my vocations, I get to wear both hats of the artist and the bookkeeper. Balance is so important in keeping up with all the rabbit holes I've found myself in, which is why some Saturdays I'm chasing the bride and groom around at a wedding, and other Saturdays I don't change out of sweatpants and binge watch Friends for the 22nd time! (Note: this number is only a slight exaggeration. Could I BE anymore obsessed?!) I am a proud ISFJ on the Meyer-Briggs personality scale, which means I'm a naturally social introvert and I that I would rather use my memory to learn more about you and story than play a game of trivia or discuss statistics.

I'm so grateful that you've found yourself at my blog, and I hope the stories and the photos I share can touch you in some way! Don't be a stranger! I'm active on social media and always looking to make more friends, so be sure to reach out!

And because I can't fully introduce myself without showing off my favorite day (and because it's not right for a photographer to ever blog without images), enjoy some of my wedding photos from the talented Jessica Mae Photography!