When I look back on my wedding day, I remember feeling like I wished I could just slow everything down and just bask in the moment with my best friend. So much of the wedding day is lived in these fleeting moments, and with that in mind I always commit to make the time I spend taking portraits with the newlyweds easygoing, fun and natural. I believe it’s the only reasonable way to be—after all, no one can be expected to know all the poses right away, especially on such an emotional high! I work with my couples during the engagement session to build confidence and craft poses that reflect the couple and their personalities, so that on the wedding day I can use portrait time to highlight a one-of-a-kind love story. The more I know about my couples, the more spectacular and special their images become.

I think smiles are best paired with light-drenched images and soft but vivid color palettes. To that end, I’ve always been drawn to the timeless depth and character of film photography. While some may consider film obsolete or irrelevant considering the technological advances in digital photography, I still feel the traditional methods of film photography most truly and beautifully express color and light. The best way I’ve heard it described is that digital captures how a moment looked, whereas film captures how a moment felt. Though I’ve fallen in love with film, I still believe that digital photography provides some advantages in certain situations on the wedding day. As such, I employ a hybrid approach of using both digital and film photography throughout the day—all in service of best telling the story unfolding in front of me. 



Like any good story, the tale of the beginning of a couple’s life together needs context and detail to tell fully. Ultimately, the wedding day is a single event—life changing and momentous, but still just a single page in a greater story. I believe that to end up with images that are unique to each couple, I need to know more than what they look like through my lens—I need to know that greater story. That’s why I love to invest in the life and health of my couples, and get to know them on a personal level. For me it’s a privilege to journey with them as they prepare to turn the page on their lives together, and when there’s a genuine connection with my couples, the emotional walls and awkward moments crumble away, making their story clear to see and wonderful to tell.

These friendships and connections take time, which is why I take a limited number of local and destination weddings each year.

Wedding Collections and Albums

I believe a good story takes time to tell, and that something of so much importance as a wedding shouldn’t be rushed. With this in mind I begin all traditional wedding day coverage with at least 8 hours. Each collection includes high resolution digital files with print release, online gallery, and the option to customize each collection according to your wedding day.

Couples spend on average $3,200 for their wedding day investment.

Portrait sessions begin at $400.

Printed heirloom wedding album books start at $800.

My clients choose me because they’re looking to capture their story, and having that story embedded into a physical album is a lasting and meaningful touch. Providing this service to couples is something I absolutely love, and it brings me such joy that so many of my couples have placed their wedding album as a permanent fixture on their coffee tables, waiting eagerly for a chance to walk their guests through their story for years to come.

For detailed wedding and elopement collection information, please complete my contact form.


Where do you live and how far will you travel?

Nashville, TN is my home, but I love the chance to explore new places. Travel exceeding 60 miles from Nashville will incur a fee of $1 per mile which includes any applicable airfare, lodging, and transportation. I take care of all the travel arrangements like flights, hotel, rental car, food, and all other incidentals. All travel fees are nonrefundable and due at booking in addition to the retainer.

How will I receive my images?

All collections include an online gallery and mobile app where you can download all images, favorite the special ones, and share to social media. You can even give this link to family members to download the images as well! These galleries are live for 10 years and can be password protected at your request. Depending on the season, engagement session turn-around times are usually 2-3 weeks and full wedding galleries are available around 6-8 weeks, however you can expect to see a sneak peak of your portraits as early as the next day.

Click here to view a full wedding gallery.

Do I need a second shooter?

Are you considering adding another photographer to the mix on a wedding day? There's no simple answer of whether a second shooter is the best option for all weddings. Consider your guest list and the overall feel for the day. Would your quaint guest list of 35 feel overwhelmed with two photographers buzzing around? If you have a larger guest list or multiple activities happening at the same time, I usually recommend a second photographer. I have a handful of skilled photographers that I love to work with, and only pick the best of the best to join me at weddings.

Do I get a print and copyright release?

I provide a select amount of the edited high-resolution digital files that best tell the story of your wedding day. You may print your photos directly from your final gallery through a company that I have hand-chosen to reflect only the highest quality prints. If you use a retailer outside of my recommendation, I cannot guarantee the quality. I can provide a written and official print release at your request, however I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes. Copyright simply means that I am the creator of the images. I cannot sell or transfer the copyright, however you will have the ability to print your images as you wish!

Do you offer family portrait sessions?

While my speciality is wedding, engagements, and couples photography, I do offer limited mini-sessions for families throughout the year. Please reach out through my contact form if you are interested in booking one of my mini sessions.

Do you have insurance?

I have full equipment and liability insurance and can provide your venue with a certificate of insurance as requested.

Do you offer payment plans?

To book a wedding date, I require a signed contract and payments of the 50% non-refundable retainer and any travel fees, with the remaining amount due one month prior to the wedding day. I would be happy to provide you with a payment plan to make as many payments as necessary prior to the due date.

What should I do if I’m uncomfortable in front of a camera?

Any time spent in front of a camera is bound to be uncomfortable, which is why I spend time during portrait sessions taking the attention off of my camera and onto the couple and their story! If you don't like to cuddle with your significant other and you hate to kiss each other, then I promise that you will not enjoy our portrait time either. Conversely, if you love to spend time with your special someone and you know how to make each other laugh, I guarantee that you will enjoy every second that you spend in front of the camera!

How much will it all cost?

Travel exceeding 60 miles from Nashville will incur a fee of $1 per mile which includes any applicable airfare, lodging, and transportation. All of my collection prices have sales tax and handling charges included. Traditional wedding day coverage begins at $2,400 and portrait sessions start at $400. If a collection does not have an item that you're hoping to include, such as a second photographer or album, we can add that on as well. The only additional out of pocket expense you may find is in the event a session location requires an admission fee, in which case I do ask my couple's to cover that charge.